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The range of floorcoverings

Flooring Adhesive, Laminate Adhesive, Wood Adhesive, Silicons, etc. The success and the development of SAAF & Fevicol is based on its ability and skill in efficiently meeting its customers needs and expectations.



Comprehensive Range of Flooring Adhesives

Flooring adhesives are essentially a combination of binders (polymers and resins) to provide adhesion, fillers which give volume and influence the working consistency and a liquid (water and/or solvent) so that the adhesive is workable during application and adhesion is developed as the adhesive dries.



Adequate in Performance

The range of floorcoverings available today has increased dramatically since the beginnings of the flooring industry. In the early days the performance of the adhesive was not as critical since the mainstay of the resilient flooring industry was thermoplastic or linoleum flooring.